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MBA Mobi One Combined Timber Frame Assembly Station For Walls

A completeworkingstation for the production of timber frame walls which can perform the following functions:

- Download panel drawings from design packages.
- Accurately position for the placing of frame components.
- Nail the frame – up to 350mm standard (option to 500mm).
- Wall heights - 3.5m standard, options to 4.5m and specials up to 6m.
- Nail or staple the cladding.
- Trim the sheets and rout out the window openings.
- Pull over the breather paper.
- Position the batons and nail.
- Fix exterior weatherboard.

All the work is done on the station without moving the panel, thus meaning that the 12m panel can be made in approximately 15m of working space.

17” touch screen controller with interactive display of the panel – including zoom and pan options for reviewing complex panel details.

Ergonomic design of controls for ease of operator working when building the frame, complete with 2nd screen to enable working from inside of the machine (when building a frame) and outside of the machine (when cladding and routing openings).

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