JLT Clamp Rack Systems For Solid Wood Edge & Face Laminating

A rugged and versatile clamping system specifically designed for solid wood edge and face laminating of both hard woods and softwoods. Available in two standard sizes, the Clamp Rack (or Panel Clamp) is ideal for the production of components such as panels, joinery sections, stair components,worktops, block gluings, and table tops etc. Frames can also be clamped. The patented equalizer clamp arms incorporate a number of important features not found on other types of mechanical clamp that help ensure a quality glue joint is produced. They can be positioned anywhere on the frame being easily moved from side to side / row to row. When not in use they can be hung vertically from a top support bar thus saving valuable workshop space. For face laminating material up to 150mm in thickness optional rocker plates can be supplied which easily slide over the top and bottom clamp jaws thus evenly distributing the clamping pressure. Standard max. opening of the clamp arm is 1020mm (40") although larger sizes are available on special request

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