Neomec Blitz Easy - Automatic Loader & Unloader for Doors

Automatic stacking machine, ideal for loading and unloading doors. Collects and deposits products automatically, between two contiguous stations.

About this Product

Blitz Easy from Neomec is the ultimate automatic mover/stacking machine, designed to help you move and stack panels and ideal for door production processes. With two controlled axis and versatile gripping members, Neomec Blitz helps you to effortlessly manoeuvre your products with precision and ease. Whether your loading, unloading, or transferring panels between two stations, Blitz Easy gets the job done with perfection.

Featuring a belt transfer system, a set of fences equipped with optical barriers and an electrical panel conveniently located on the machine's column, Blitz Easy ensures seamless operation and maximum safety at every turn. Plus, with machine start buttons integrated into safety columns, it really is as simple as pressing a button.

Blitz Easy serves as a vital component on production lines for door production, drilling, painting, packing and more.

  • Reduces manual operation
  • Increases productivity
  • Safe, simple and sturdy operation


Technical Information

Maximum height from the ground: 4800mm

Horizontal stroke: approximately 1700mm

Vertical stroke: approximately 1700mm

Max door size: 2400 x 1200mm

Min door size: 1800 x 600mm

Max door weight: 80 kg

Max stack height on pallets on the ground: 1500 mm

Max height of the stack from the ground: 1650 mm

Cyclical: max 3 cycles per minute

Applied power: 3 kw

Voltage/frequency: 400v - 50hz

Average compressed air consumption: 200 NL/min. about


Manual stack positioning using a pallet truck

Activation of safety barrier and automatic start of the machine

Door picking and loading onto belt transfer

Timed sending to sanding line

At the end of the stack, machine stop, empty pallet extraction and full pallet insertion

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