Neomec Climber Painting System - Unloading System for Profiles

Automatic loader/unloader ideal for lengths of profile skirting, architrave, frame material and more.

About this Product

Say goodbye to manual labour and hello to streamlined efficiency with the Neomec Climber Painting System. Designed to enhance your painting operations, this innovative machine automatically collects wooden profiles, stacks them onto racks for optimal drying, and seamlessly manages the loading and unloading process.

As profiles emerge from the paining line, the Neomec Climber expertly deposits them onto the arms of suitable racks. Its side positioning ensures smooth integration with your processing line, maximising space and workflow efficiency.

The Climber spares your operators from the challenges of manual handling, especially when dealing with wet paint covered parts. Its configurable arm setup allows for lengthwise multiple-row collection, catering to various production needs. By eliminating the need for strenuous manual labour, this automated solution will ensure rapid returns on your investment. The Climber can be further enhanced with an optional automatic rack changing system to maximise productivity.

  • Spares operators from the challenges of manual handling
  • Smooth integration with your processing line
  • Increases output and maximises productivity


Technical Information

Machine structure built with electro welded and painted steel with some parts of aluminium profiles

Structure of the roller conveyor in painted steel, adjustable in height, bearing cantilever rollers d.60 covered in pvc, fixed pitch 150mm

Motorized rollers by means of flat elastic straps

Roller drive by inverter-controlled electric motor

Lifting platforms operated by chains, with mechanically synchronized upper profile translation device

Equipped with two cantilevered arms, mobile vertically, supported by a crossbar and sliding plates on nylon wheels, guided by two aluminium profiles placed vertically on the two end uprights

Cantilevered arms equipped with two V-belts, with differentiated speeds and controlled by an inverter

Motorization to the racks by means of a clutched gearmotor

Guide sides for the rack to be fixed to the ground

Pneumatic hook device to block the rack during profiles loading

Safety fence with blockage photosensor placed to the rack side

Electric box positioned on the machine base complete with keyboard to input working data

Electrical installation, degree of protection: IP54

Overall dimension: (LxWxH): 4200x3000x2900mm

Rollers conveyor speed: 20-70 mt/min

Rollers conveyor height: 870 - 980mm

Working width: 305mm

Arms pitch : 2400mm

Max height for profile deposit: 2050mm

Min height for profile deposit: 650mm

Max cycle: 20 pc/min

Installed power: 3,5kw

Voltage: v400 - hz50

Compressed air consumption: Approx 20 Nl/min

Manageable Profile Sizes

Maximum width: 305mm

Minimum width: 10mm

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