Neomec Trip - Automatic Edgebander Return System for Doors

Simple automatic edgebander return system designed for internal doors - suitable for all edgebanders.

About this Product

Key Features

Achieve seamless edgebanding with Neomec's innovative return system!

This simple edgebander return system is designed for simple operation by a single individual. Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and hello to effortless edgebanding of doors or large panels with minimum effort.

The cross transfer mechanism at the end of the edgebander automatically lowers the door by 150m, meaning the return conveyor can swoop in to collect the finished product. The next peice can smoothly slide over, allowing for the simultaneous processing of two or three doors at once. It's multi-tasking at its finest!


  • Designed for internal doors - 2500 x 1300mm up to 100kg
  • Suitable for one operator for loading/unloading
  • Compatible with all edgbanders


Technical Information

Piece entry height: 900 +/- 50mm

Piece return height: 800 +/- 50 mm

Entry and exit roller speed: 10-50 m/min.

Belt speed: 10-50 m/min.

Outgoing roller speed: 10-50 m/min.

Return belt speed: 10-50 m/min.

Power supply: 400v - 50hz

Installed power: 4 kw

Pneumatic supply: 5 bar minimum

Compressed air consumption: 50 Nl/min.

Return length: approximately 6000 mm

Total length: approximately 11000 mm

Door Dimensions (panels)

Minimum 300x1300 mm

Maximum 1300x2500 mm

Maximum thickness: 90 mm

Maximum weight: 100 kg

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