Neomec Upset B-PA Overturner - Panel Turner

Simple machine for overturning large panels or doors - including frames, without any operator effort.

About this Product

Effortless panel overturning made simple with Neomec Upset B-PA.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual handling with this innovative machine designed to effortlessly overturn large panels or doors with ease. Boasting a rotating structure comprising two parallel rings housing two overlapping roller conveyors, the Upset B-PA streamlines the process of overturning single panels. Its intelligent design allows for seamless integration with existing conveyor systems, ensuring that panels can move forward along the same line after tipping, maximising efficiency and workflow continuity.

The Upset B-PA isn't just a panel tilter. It can also function as a simple transfer, providing added flexibility to your operations by turning off the tipping function as needed. Transform your workflow and unlock new levels of productivity with this innovative solution!

  • Reduce manual operation and increase productivity
  • Sturdy, reliable and safe
  • Simple PLC operation with little maintenance


Technical Information

Max width: 1300mm

Minimum length with 300mm roller pitch: 800mm

Max length: 2700mm

Min. thickness: 3mm

Max thickness: 100mm

Max weight: 200kg

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