Taylor 2400mm 6 Section Rotary Clamp Carrier for Edge and Face Laminating - Ex Demonstration

A heavy duty, simple to use clamping machine specifically designed for laminating components such as panels, joinery sections, stair parts block gluings for turnings, table tops and work tops. The patented Taylor equaliser clamp arms incorporate a number of important features not found on other types of mechanical clamp that help ensure a quality glue joint is produced.

- 6 section.
- Each section with 6 off clamp arms. Max. opening 1015mm with 90mm high jaws.
- 80AA pneumatic drive for rotation.
- 80U combined pneumatic clamp tightener and panel flattener.
- Pneumatic joy stick control for rotation.
- Manual movement in / out of front rest.
- CE safety perimeter guards.

Year - 2010. Only used for showroom demonstrations
Condition - As New

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