Centauro Alfa Jamb NC Automatic Thru Feed Programmable Machine for Door Linings

Ideally Suited For Machining Operations On Frames Such As Hinge Recessing, Lock Slots, Keep Plates And 3 Point Locks

About this Product

A machine dedicated for the automatic loading, machining and unloading of door frame linings / jambs. The machine is equipped with a CNC router head that can work in the vertical or horizontal for hingeand lock plate recessing or slotting. In addition it has a small router that can be used for spot drilling for hinge screw holes and / or for squaring of the corners of the hinge recess.

Programming is extremely simple thanks to the latest generation user friendly TOP12-S colour graphic touch screen controller using pre-installed electronic macros.

Automatic Loading / Unloading

Simple Programming

Jambs Machining In Volume Or In Pairs


X Axis stroke 2800

Y Axis stroke180mm

Z Axis stroke 150mm

Suitable for Jamb Dimensions 2400mm x 200mm x 75mm

Router / Milling head 3.3kw, ER25, 0 to 18000 rpm,

Pilot Hole Drilling Head 2.2kw ER 25, 0 to 18000 rpm

3 x pneumatic vertical workpiece clamps, automatically activated through the program

3 x pmeumatic horizontal workpiece clamps, automaically activated through the program

Top 12-S Industrial Touch Screen control 12" with simple Macro Programming.

CE safety perimter guarding to sides / rear with a front light beam curtain


Total Load 5.6kw

Dust extraction connection 120mm

Pneumatic Supply 6 Bar

Overall dimensions / weights:

9644 x 1844mm

Overall weight 2000kg

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