Centauro R800 RTF 'Flexfeed' Resaw

About this Product

A substantially built but compact free standing power feed resaw fitted with the all new RFT200 'flexi feeder' system. As standard the machine is equipped with a 15hp main motor, top and bottom saw guide system with rack adjustment of the top guides along with a sawblade tensioning indicator.

The RTF feed system has variable and fully adjustable feed speeds through an inverter from 1 to 28m/min. The feed arm, which as standard has 2 x serrated steel feed rollers fitted, has automatic pneumatic opening activated when a sensor on the infeed detects the end of the timber.

The initial feed in speed can be controlled independently to the feed cutting speed thus meaning you achieve a smooth entry and then speeding up as required to the set speed. On the the standard feed rollers can be complimented by a rubber covered roller for angled cuts or 2 x 45 degree steel rollers for diagonal cuts. The machine is also fitted with various safety features including pneumatic brake and infeed safety trip cable.

Centauro R800 RTF 'Flexfeed' Resaw
Centauro R800 RTF 'Flexfeed' Resaw

A substantially built but compact free standing power feed resaw fitted with the all new RFT200 'flexi feeder' system.

Flexi Feeding System

Simple to use

Compact design


Pulley dia 800mm.

Table height from floor 960mm.

Main motor 15Hp.

Star delta starting.

Top and bottom saw guides.

Rack adjustment to top guides.

Max. blade width 80mm

Max. / min. blade length 5530mm - 5380mm

Max. cutting height 400mm.

Max. fence to blade clearance 400mm (500mm on request).

Max. feed roller to blade clearance 200mm.

2 x serrated feed rollers each 200mm dia x 50mm in thickness

Right side roller fence tilting up to 45 degrees (300mm height).

Adjustable feed speeds through inverter 1 to 28m/min.

Blade lubrication.

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