Graule ZS170 - Radial Arm Crosscut Saw

A compact and sturdy radial arm crosscut for straight or angled cutting. Prices from £6,735 plus VAT.

About this Product

Discover precision and efficiency like never before with this German built and designed crosscut saw, crafted to effortlessly handle both angled and straight cutting of wood, aluminium, plastic and composite components with ease.

Featuring a 420 mm diameter saw blade and 3kw brake motor, the Graule ZS170 delivers exceptional cutting performance with a unique pivoting saw unit, ensuring consistent cutting length time after time. Despite its compact design, the ZS170 boasts an impressive cutting capacity, making it a powerhouse in any workshop.

The ZS170 radial arm crosscut saw can be fitted with a number of options including digital readouts to display angle positions (swivel and/or tilt ), hydraulic damper brake (hydro-check) and pneumatic work piece clamps.

The Stromabstop Automatic Positioning Stop can be fitted to this crosscutting machine, saving you time and money by eliminating errors in measuring and inaccurate cutting.

  • Generous cutting capacity up to 170mm height
  • Unique pivoting saw unit
  • Ideal for straight and angled cutting

Technical Information

Precision ball bearing movement on hardened steel runners

Sturdy cast iron construction with steel base stand

3kW brake motor

Spring return of sawcarriage

420mm max. sawblade diameter

40mm dia spindle diameter

+ 45 / 90 / - 60 degree horizontal movement (swivel)

90-45 degree vertical tilt to left - 'N' model only

Adjustable upper protection

1 x TCT saw blade for wood 420 x 84 teeth x 3.5mm kerf x 40mm bore - WZ alternate bevel

Dust extraction outlet 100mm

Working height of table 900mm

Cutting Capacity

400mm x 170mm deep at 90 degrees

280mm wide x 170mm deep at 45 degrees (swivel)

400mm wide x 115mm deep at 45 degrees (vertical tilt - 'N' model)

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