Centauro R800 - RTF200 Flexi Feeder Resaw

A substantially built but compact free standing power feed resaw fitted with the all new RFT200 'flexi feeder' system. As standard the machine is equipped with a 15hp main motor, top and bottom saw guide system with rack adjustment of the top guides along with a sawblade tensioning indicator. The RTF feed system has variable and fully adjustable feed speeds through an inverter from 1 to 28m/min. The feed arm, which as standard has 2 x serrated steel feed rollers fitted, has automatic pneumatic opening activated when a sensor on the infeed detects the end of the timber. The initial feed in speed can be controlled independently to the feed cutting speed thus meaning you achieve a smooth entry and then speeding up as required to the set speed. On the the standard feed rollers can be complimented by a rubber covered roller for angled cuts or 2 x 45 degree steel rollers for diagonal cuts. The machine is also fitted with various safety features including pneumatic brake and infeed safety trip cable.

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