Intorex CKX CNC Wood Turning Lathe

A heavy duty CNC woodturning lathe equipped with 2 independently controlled cutting gouges, 1 for roughing the other for finishing plus an additional hydraulically controlled gouge for 'rounding'. As standard the machine is equipped with an automatic hopper feed loading system, and conveyorised discharge belt. It also has programmable and variable spindle speeds along with 2 rear overhead hydraulic back knife units for operations such as dowelling. Optionally the machine can be equipped with an additional 4th CNC axis meaning a sanding head, milling head or router head for twisting and/or fluting can be fitted in addition to the two cutting gouges.Thanks to the CNC control and quick set up of the machine the CNX is suitable for one off specials, short batch runs and long production runs. Also it is possible to achieve excellent quality and definition of the turned component.

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