Intorex CKO - High Production CNC Woodturning Lathe

Fully automatic hopper fed CNC woodturning lathe, designed for the volume production of stair and furniture parts.

About this Product

The Intorex CKO is a cutting-edge 9 axis CNC woodturning lathe, designed to deliver unparalleled speed and accuracy through advanced knife cutting technology, enhanced by a unique multi-axis sanding and router system. This innovate machine is ideal for producing a wide range of components, from baseball bats and chair legs to modern stair spindles and newel posts.

Equipped with an automatic hopper feed loader, the CKO ensures efficient and precise delivery of blanks between the headstock and tailstock, where they are securely clamped for machining. The machine features three CNC copiers dedicated to turning and two CNC copiers for sanding turned parts, providing a smooth and flawless finish. Additionally, the CKO includes an independent router head (without tool changer) for drilling, milling, and shaping operations, offering unmatched versatility.

One of the standout features of the CKO is its ability to produce completely finished components that require no further work or handling, thanks to its advanced sanding capabilities. Once the final machining or sanding operation is completed, the component is efficiently ejected onto a transfer exit belt.

The robust construction of the CKO ensures long-lasting performance. It's structure consists of a machine bed with a sliding carriage on top, both crafted from electro-welded steel that is stabilised after each work phase to eliminate interior tension. This design guarantees stability and accuracy during all machining operations.


  • CNC lathe with 3 x controlled gouges for turning
  • Twin CNC controlled flat sanding heads
  • Overhead router head for drilling, slotting or grooving
  • Produce completely finished components requiring no further work


Technical Information

Equipped with 9 different axes as indicated below:

- Axis A: Headstock rotation (controlled by NC digital brushless servos)

- Axis C: Sanding belt 1

- Axis D: Sanding belt 2

- Axis P: Main carriage in which are installed the copiers axes (U-V-W) and the steady.

- Axis U: Tool to cut the corners off or rounding the wood to the diameter of the steady ring

- Axis V: Roughing copier

- Axis W: Finishing copier

- Axis X: Main carriage on which are mounted the router and the two sanding belts copiers

- Axis Z: Router movement (Up-down)

All axes of the machine are moved through NC digital, brushless servo motors and by means of a precision ball screwball

Maximum working length 1300mm

Automatic feeding of blanks up to 100mm sq

Head stock motor 15.3kw rpm 0 to 5000rpm

Router head controlled in 2 axis - 18,000 rpm

Digital Osai Open controller 6-axes with EtherCAT interface

Industrial panel PC 15,6" touch screen

A 5 axes SOLIDCAM 3D package composed of Solidworks (CAD) and SolidCAM (CAM). SolidWorks,allows to design in a very easy and intuitive way any kind of a 3D model, in addition to import a large variety of formats of CAD designs. SolidCAM, enables to machine complex 3D models in a very accurate and efficient way, interpolating 3,4 & 5 axis. SolidCAM 3D package integrates its customized post-processor

It includes:

- CN parameterization for dynamic high speed interpolations on asymmetric surfaces

- Machining and linking strategies for generation 3D high speed toolpaths

- Machine simulation

- Anti collisions system for tool, tool holder and heads

- Machines kinematics

- Specific post processor

Pneumatic steady with three rollers for turning long and thin parts

CNC copier in front of the steady to ensure that square is prepared for the steady rest

Steady rest

Roughing CNC copier

Finishing CNC copier

Two sanding CNC copiers

Router head

Hopper feed

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