Camam TAC CNX - Volume Component Crosscut Saw with Automatic Drilling

Elevate your manufacturing capabilities with this completely automatic hopper fed CNC crosscut with (optional) inline drilling unit.

About this Product

Key Features

Ideal for cutting and drilling for sofa/chair frame rails, general furniture parts, plastics and aluminium extrusions.

Self centring grippers and centreline cutting with angles of +/-60 degrees allows pointed timber intricate cuts with minimum waste.

Vertical hopper-fed design enables loading up to 30 pieces, allowing operators to step away while the machine seamlessly executes.

Choose between piece ejection via belt conveyor or easy collection in an outfeed bin.

Computer Programming

12" touchscreen interface for effortless navigation and control.

Innovative software with dxf importing and specially designed macros for streamlined programming.

Set up your jobs in seconds, program multiple components in a single stock length, and pre-program your entire day's production in just a few clicks.

Precision Drilling

Optional extended infeed system accommodates stock lengths up to 5m, boosting overall production.

3 axis drilling unit with 5 independent spindles, creating an all-in-one compact station for cutting and drilling operations.

Experience the future of volume component sawing and drilling - contact our crosscutting experts today to find out more.


  • Fully automatic precision operation for seamless cutting and drilling
  • Achieve a production rate of up to 800 pieces per hour
  • Experience minimal downtime with swift changeovers


1350mm x 200mm x 80mm Capacity

Cutting thickness from 10mm to 80mm

Cutting width from 10mm to 200mm

3 seconds per operation - feeding, cutting & drilling = 9 seconds

CNC controlled advancement speed - up to 60m/min

CNC controlled - +/- 60 degree rotation

4kW saw motor with adjustable RPM

Completely enclosed interlock saw cabin

Outfeed conveyor belt

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