Stromab CT800 - Automatic Beam Processing Centre

Large capacity 5 axis beam cutting centre for solid wood.

About this Product

Saw Unit

The innovative 5-axis saw body of the CT800 means a variety of cutting geometries are possible in one compact machine - straight, mitred, compound mitres, scarf cuts and full length ripping. Powered by a 15kW saw motor and a huge 800mm diameter sawblade, the CT800 has the ability to crosscut timber of 280mm high x 770mm wide or rip lengths up to 300mm high. Automatic table rotation of 0-340 degrees allows timber to be fed in from both directions of the infeed.


Using powerful servo driven pressure rollers either side of the saw body, the CT800 is able to drive the heaviest of timber beams back and forth through the saw to complete complex cutting geometries.

For accuracy of positioning the CT800 uses two independant servo driven pressure rollers.


Harnessing the power of an ELCO Top 12 colour touch screen, programming of cutting lists is straightforward.

  • Ideal for beams, Glulam & SIP
  • Huge cutting capacity
  • Fully automatic


Saw Unit

800mm diameter blade

15kW saw motor

Cutting capacity - straight - single stroke - 280 x 450mm / 250 x 390 / 200 x 450 (max panel height 300mm)

Cutting capacity - straight - combined stroke - 280 x 770mm / 250 x 840

Cutting capacity - 45 degrees - single stroke - 200 x 210mm

Cutting capacity - 45 degrees - combined stroke - 200 x 760mm

Blade rotation 0 - 340 degrees (max panel height 290mm)

Blade inclination 90-45 degrees (max panel height 200mm)

Forward movement of saw carriage 600mm

Infeed & Outfeed

1m outfeed table

Touch screen controller

Remote programming of cutting list via USB


Touch screen controller

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