Cursal TRV 1200L - Firewood Crosscut Saw

Automatic PLC controlled rapid speed crosscut saw designed to produce firewood and kindling from waste material.

About this Product

This cutting-edge automatic PLC controlled rapid speed crosscut saw is engineered to effortlessly transform random or waste material into high-quality firewood and kindling. Equipped with a robust 500mm diameter saw blade and featuring pneumatic vertical saw stroke, this powerhouse machine ensures swift and precise cuts every time.

The Smart System Blade Change allows for seamless blade adjustments, complete with quick release nut and anti-locking device. Plus, with adjustable cutting speeds ranging from 0.3 to 1.5 seconds, you have full control over the speed of your production.

The Cursal TRV 1200L is designed to seamlessly guide materials through the cutting zone. Utilising two motorised low-wear belts - one positioned before and one after the saw blade - material is effortlessly channeled for optimal cutting results. Our special multi-press, equipped with five independent cyclinders, ensures secure clamping during cutting operations, guaranteeing precise cuts every time. What's more, the length of each piece can be easily adjusted via a convenient timer feature.

You can customise your workflow with a range of optional extras, including a motorised infeed conveyor and a 45 degree waste conveyor. Elevate your production with this state of the art crosscut saw, designed to deliver exceptional results with every cut!

  • Swift and precise cuts every time
  • Smart System Blade Change for seamless adjustments
  • Customisable with a range of optional extras


Saw blade motor 5.5hp

Saw blade diameter 550mm diameter

Cutting time adjustable from 0.3 to 1.5 seconds

Infeed length 500 - 6000mm

Cut lengths 100 - 750mm

Feed belt length 2 x 1000mm

Feed speed adjustable from 5 to 50 m/min

Press with 5 x cylinders, shock absorber and linear guide

Dust extraction 1 x 100mm diameter and 1 x 140mm diameter

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