Stomab Matrix FAST500 - High Speed Automatic Crosscut Saw

Stromab's cutting-edge high speed saw unit on the Matrix platform.

About this Product

Saw Unit

The fast 500 is the latest in Stromab’s range of automatic crosscutting saw units. With a unique high speed upstroke action, the operation can be limited to mm’s over the timber section meaning much higher production output of up to 40% more than standard saw units.

To aid the high speed cutting, the saw unit comes as standard with a pneumatic side pressure and external top pressure roller.


Capacity lengths from 3m to 16m with a positioning accuracy of 0.4mm are easily achievable thanks to the industry standard rack and pinion system featured through the Stromab range.


Harnessing the power of an ELCO Top 12 colour touch screen, cutting lists can be programmed easily via the screen using the innovative optimisation methods:

BASE with board sequence, max length, or sequence.

OPTI with base features and volume, minimum waste or priority.

DEFECT with complete optimisation, chalk mark detection and timber grading.

Alternatively, using our office software 'Design2Saw', files can be pre-optimised for the highest yield savings and loaded quickly via USB, reducing operator programming time.


  • High speed operation
  • 40% higher production
  • 150mm cutting height


Saw Unit

7.5kW saw motor

500mm diameter saw blade

390mm cutting width

150mm cutting height

2 second cutting cycle

Pneumatic side pressure

Pneumatic external top pressure

2 x 100mm extraction outlets

Infeed & Outfeed

90m/min positioning speed

0.4mm positioning accuracy

8 degree incline on table

Servo driven rack & pinion

1m outfeed table

Automatic lifting of pusher arm


Elco TOP12 touch screen controller

Linux Base software

3 optimisation levels

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