H&M HM-T - Automatic Angle Crosscut Saw

Push fed automatic angle crosscut saw for specialist applications.

About this Product

The H&M HM-T is a completely automatic upstroke crosscut saw for cutting both straight and angled timber components. Controlled with precision by NC technology, the rotation of the saw blade operates swiftly and accurately, catering to a diverse range of specialist cutting needs.

Versatile and adaptable, this crosscut is ideal for various industries including timber frame housing, garden products and decking, and any other tasks requiring precise straight or angled cuts. Designed for maximum efficiency, the HM-T features an integral NC pusher to position boards before automatically operating the saw, streamlining your workflow. This crosscut is equipped with a robust 550 diameter saw blade, 7.5hp motor, 60 degree rotation (with the HM-Z offering 270 degree rotation), a 6000mm capacity infeed and 2000mm outfeed table.

Optional upgrades include the HM-Z configuration, featuring a third axis for centreline cutting (with the option of a fourth axis for compound cutting), CNC control of cutting height, and increased cutting height. Perfectly suited for roof truss and other complex cutting options, this configuration elevates your capabilities to new heights.


  • Accurate straight or angled cuts
  • Flexible configuration to suit your workflow
  • Optional upgrades for increased cutting height


Saw Unit

60° rotation (HM-Z option with 270° rotation)

7.5hp motor

550mm saw blade diameter (HM-Z option 700mm blade)

160mm maximum sawing height (HM-Z option 250mm maximum sawing height)

Maximum noise level 81 dB

Infeed & Outfeed

6000mm capacity infeed (overall length 8000mm)

2000mm outfeed table

Positioning accuracy 0.1 mm

65 m/min maximum speed


Industrial computer with colour monitor 1.2 Gb hard disk and USB & ethernet connections

H&M developed software using Windows (allowing for on site creation and storage of cutting lists)

Touch screen operation

An optional onboard optimisation package is included which allows cutting lists entered or imported to be test optimised against timber lengths to generate an pre-optimised cutting list. This includes one import routine from external design package.


1 x 220 volts mains socket on an unused, 16 Amp fused group

1 x 400 volts, 32 Amp fused connection point, 3 phase + 0

1 x compressed air connection, minimum 6 Bar

1 x 120mm and 1 x 150m diameter extraction outlet

(HM-Z option - 1 x 180mm and 1 x 150mm extraction outlets)

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