Stromab CT600 Automatic Fully Programmable Upstroke Crosscut Saw For Straight and Angled Cutting

A completely automatic heavy duty programmable upstroke crosscut saw for the accurate cutting of straight and angled components. This machine is particularly suitable for the cutting of garden products, shed and general furniture components. The saw unit has a pneumatic upstroke action with variable speed control, while the sawblade angle setting with rotating table is motorised and programmable from + / - 70 degrees. The pusher / feed is fitted with a heavy duty rack and pinion drive feeding system for fast positioning giving a high level of repeat cutting accuracy. The saw unit and clamping area is totally enclosed by a clear hinged electrically interlocked hood that while giving the operator a clear view of the cutting area still gives complete protection. The infeed and outfeed tables are of all steel construction meaning even heavy sections or packs of timber can be processed. For additional operator safety the rear of the pusher system is guarded, while there is a full length safety pull cord on the front infeed table.

The CT600 is fitted with a slim-line built in industrial panel PC- a Beckhoff CP62XX with state of the art PC technology, high performance and Windows 7 operating system. Programming and entering of cutting lists / angle setting is very simple with the 12" graphic display with touch screen, with a graphic representation of the cut pieces. The standard machine offers full optimisation with a length measuring camera and (as an option) defect cutting. Remote programming is possible via the two independent Ethernet interfaces.

Additional options also include extended outfeed table with ejectors, out feed monitor and label printing.

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