Stromab CT800 Automatic Beam and SIP Processing Centre

About this Product

A completely automatic upstroke crosscut saw for the cutting of straight and angled components. Suitable for ripping and angled ripping Glulam and other large section beams as well SIP panels

Automatic large capacity upstroke crosscut saw also suitable for straight angled ripping. Ideal for Glulam beams and SIP

Large cutting capacity 

Automatic operation

Straight or angled cutting


1m outfeed table

Touch screen controller

Remote programming of cutting list - connection via USB key
20hp motor

800mm diameter blade

Cutting capacity - straight - single stroke - 280 x 450mm / 250 x 390 / 200 x 450 (max panel height 300mm)

Cutting capacity - straight - combined stroke - 280 x 770mm / 250 x 840

Cutting capacity - 45 degrees - single stroke - 200 x 210mm

Cutting capacity - 45 degrees - combined stroke - 200 x 760mm

Blade rotation 0 - 340 degrees (max panel height 290mm)

Blade inclination 90-45 degrees (max panel height 200mm)

Forward movement of saw carriage 600mm

Blade height CNC controlled

Vertical clamping

Horizontal clamping

Dust extraction 2 off 100mm, 1 off 160mm.

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