Stromab Matrix F Automatic Fully Programmable Crosscutting & Notching Machine

About this Product

A heavy duty optimising upstroke crosscut and notching machine, designed for programmable and repetitive cutting and notching from standard and / or random lengths of timber. The saw unit has a pneumatic upstroke action with variable speed control, The notching unit is independent of the saw and therefore allows for programming of the saw or notching either as separate program's or as one single job. The pusher / feed is fitted with a heavy duty rack and pinion drive feeding system for fast positioning giving a high level of repeat cutting accuracy.

The saw unit and clamping area is totally enclosed by a clear hinged electrically interlocked hood that while giving the operator a clear view of the cutting area still gives complete protection. The infeed and outfeed tables are of all steel construction meaning even heavy sections or packs of timber can be processed. For additional operator safety the rear of the pusher system is guarded, while there is a full length safety pull cord on the front infeed table. Programming and entering of cutting lists is very simple through a colour touch screen controller with graphic representation of the cut pieces.

The machine offers full optimisation and also has the added optional facilities of defect cutting and remote programming from PC or laptop with transfer vis USB key or network. Additional options also include - extended outfeed table and label printing. To date we have supplied over 250 Matrix saws in to the UK, with a number of customers installing several machines.

Fully programmable heavy-duty push feed straight cutting crosscut with inbuilt notching

Straight cutting

Inbuilt notching

fully programmable


Saw unit

Self braking saw motor 10hp

Saw blade diameter 500mm

Max cutting width 360mm ( refer to chart )

Max cutting height 135mm ( refer to chart )

Dust extraction 4 x 100mm diameter

Milling Unit

Self braking milling motor 5.5hp

Pneumatic milling stroke with adjustable speed

Max milling stroke 400mm

Max milling width 100mm

Max milling depth 60mm

Dust extraction 2 x 125mm and 2 x 100mm

Push feed system 3000 to 13000mm

Precision rack and pinion drive to pusher with magnetic reading tape giving a high level of repeat cutting accuracy.

Pneumatic rising of the pusher at the end of cutting cycle

Piece length reading photocell

Positioning speed 100m/min

Positioning accuracy + /- 0.4mm

Touch screen control unit

Remote programming of cutting list via colour graphic touch screen controller - connection via USB key.

- 6 optimising criteria - longest size, minimum waste, sequence, priority size, by volume or by value.

- 1000 cutting lists - 10,000 lines per list.

- Cutting list entered via controller key pad or via remote PC using PC or cable

- Graphic description of the workpiece.

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